Marazita Bros.
servizio di prima qualita
Bone appetite
Gourmet Foods
Our range of continental and Australian smallgoods has been sourced from the best local and international manufacturers specialising in authentic smallgoods as it used to be. We have carefully selected our range to ensure our customers enjoy the highest quality products every time you visit our store.
The Marazita Bros. have been sourcing the finest prosciutto from around the world for over 60 years. Our range of local and international products can be found on display in our Prosciutto Bar.
Cheese & Dairy
At Marazita Bros. You will find a wide range of specialty cheeses sourced from local Australian farmhouses and selected regions of Italy. We stock a complimentary range of specialty condiments to perfectly accompany each cheese.
We also range seasonal produce and regularly have seasonally available limited fresh offers throughout the year such as Mozzarella di Buffalo from southern Italy or pure sheep milk yoghurt from local producers. Look out for our seasonal blackboard offers in store.
Our range of dairy products are sourced from local small producers where quality and authenticity is paramount. We only stock fresh butter and naturally set Buffalo, sheep's or Ewe's milk and organic yoghurts (Natural or with fresh fruit compotes).
We also stock a delicious range of naturally rich clotted cream and Cre'me fraiche lines from local dairies.
Whether a lunch for two or a large family function, at Marazita Bros. you will find the freshest variety of authentic antipasti. We carry all the favourites in pre-packed tubs or random weight for your convenience.
Enquire about our sensational antipasti platters made fresh to order for all your function needs.
Italian Pantry
We have every essential for your dry store.
Accomplished Italian cooks from every region will tell you the secret to why Italian food is so disarmingly delicious: the quality of the ingredients. Italy's most famous dishes - pizza margherita, spaghetti alla puttanesca, bruschetta are spectacular in their simplicity. Heat some garlic with the ripest tomatoes to make a quick sauce, toss some Sicilian capers into your salad, or top some crostini with some Italian tuna.
Specialty Pasta & Sauce
Good quality Pasta and Tomatoes are an essential part of the Italian diet. Our range of dry Pasta consists of trusted everyday brands for the everyday pantry fill as well as our premium range (including Organic and Spelt varieties).
Our range of fresh handmade pasta is made to order from the finest local suppliers. We stock specialty combinations such as smoked trout and Persian feta ravioli to classics such as spinach and ricotta cannelloni. They are available fresh, frozen or ready-made. Keep an eye on our seasonal blackboard for limited seasonal runs also.
Italian Tomatoes are renowned as being the best in the world. We have carefully sourced the highest quality range of Tin Tomatoes and readymade Sugo's from local and Italian producers.
Oil & Vinegar
Just as with fine wine, environment plays a role in the taste of olive oil. Whether produced in coastal Liguria or the Tuscan hills, olive oils can be found with drastically different flavors which depend on the olives' varietal and the climate in which they are cultivated. Sweet, grassy, buttery, herbaceous, and peppery, high-quality olive oils offer a complex mixture of flavors, aromas, and textures. Our olive oils stand out because they come from one tenuta, or estate. Hand selected for their quality and picked straight from the tree, the olives are first cold pressed and shipped to us as soon as they are bottled. We sell you only oil from this season's harvest so you can taste the complex flavors at their freshest and most fragrant. Well-known as a key element in the healthy Mediterranean diet, olive oil is high in polyphenols, which give it its unique flavor profile and cancer fighting antioxidants.

Not surprisingly, Italy, with its rich wine-making culture, also has a tradition of crafting outstanding and unusual vinegars. “Vinegar”, after all, means “sour wine.” In a cuisine where simple preparations are preferred, the acidity of vinegar enhances the natural flavors of fresh vegetables and legumes. We offer some of the finest Italian vinegars: from Piemonte where the majestic wines become superb multidimensional condiments, and from Emilia-Romagna, where they still produce vinegars to a centuries-old tradition to create one of Italy's gastronomic jewels: balsamic vinegar.
Baked Goods
At Marazita Bros. you will find a range of the finest Artisan breads to perfectly compliment your delicious meats, Cheeses and condiments.
What marks a good artisan bread? Your first clue will be that it isn't perfect. That may sound odd, but a good handmade bread glories in its refusal to be like those tidy, mass-produced loaves on the shelf. Here are some other things to look for:
Generally, crusts will be chewier, darker, slightly reddish and have an almost burnished quality. That's because the breads are baked long enough to get a final burst of a natural chemical activity that brings out the most flavor. The "spit" or ridge of crust that sticks out on the top should be prominent, as high as an inch, and it won't be perfectly even. The bottom of the loaf may have a seam from when it was hand-folded, but it typically won't have the regular imprints of a pan. Inside, textures will be less uniform but more interesting. Holes are not necessarily a flaw; the natural leavening used in many artisan breads typically makes dough more active, causing the gluten in it to stretch and open up holes.